24 Mar 2011

forex smart pips ( how to make money FAST from forex market )

Why? Because The Fact is : The Forex Trader beginner use only "INSTING" taking it to the
position of BUY or SELL, without a view or have an accurate Forex Trading System.

Forex Chart Viewing the same view "BLIND MAP" very difficult to analyze it.

You Must Be Dizzy & Trading Only Rely On

Instinct Would Be Very Risky & Will Find A Lose

Date : Thursday, 24 March 2011
From : Baihaki Hakim

Dear Fellow Forex Trader,
The Forex Trader Beginner into the Forex Market with just one goal, namely Profit..Profit and.. Profit. But in fact produced only Lose...Lose...and Lose hold ... and then the despair Forex Trader choose to stop trading. Perhaps one of you who choose to stop trading, and leave Forex Market because your money are not left out.

And for those of you who are still common, here you will find a mega super income opportunities fenomenal this century's most Forex Trading Online. Forex business, which was so difficult you think and can only be those with a large amount of capital, now you can make from $ 100 and even the many brokers who facilitate those who want to trade with a $1 capital.

With the development of the Internet, forex trading will become easier to run a computer with enough course you ready for trading without a limited distance and time. If you have the right system, Forex Trading can deliver tens and even hundreds of times a year from your salary! You can generate $100 to $1000 per day. But if your system wrong may be one you will not want to know forex market again.

Now, it's time you have a system that can make you think back to stop the Forex Market. With the forex trading system, you will be able to generate hundreds of dollars in just a few hours we just give the name of this system with:

"New Forex Trading System"


Forex Smart Pips™ is an Indicator That Will Analyze Various Indications Market and Able to Analyze The Movement of The Price Automatically Technical Side Throughout The Day

How Forex Smart Pips Work ?
Before this system is installed, you have to install software that is used to MetaTrader forex trading, Install Forex Smart Pips and activate Forex Smart Pips wait for signal alerts appear as below:

With this system you will not be with a range of technical or fundamental analysis. Our system is simple but able to produce Extraordinary Profit. Even with this system you can still succeed even if your trading predictions only 50% right!

"Maximize Your Profit In Forex Market With

Forex Smart Pips Trading System"
Look what others have been saying about Forex Smart Pips Trading System...

What Are The Benefit Of Forex Smart Pips ?

Forex Smart Pips can help you determine what your position will be taken, with a high level of accuracy, able to read the price movement of the technical. 

Forex Smart Pips equipped with Pivot point, Support, and Resistant level where you don't need to calculate everything, because the system is calculated automaticaly.

Making profit since the first day of trading!

Easy to use by both professional trader or a beginner trader.

Can be used for lifetime you do not need to upgrate again.

Anyone can! Self-learned some basic things about forex, and then run our system.

No need to gamble, to which the price will move. With this system you can follow the input generated without involving the emotions!

Trading With Confidence, No Emotional & Funny
This way, you can trade with more confidence, without emotion, without a guess, and get more definitive results. This system will keep you from emotional involvement which is the biggest cause of failure in forex trading.
This system provides a sense of security, low risk and high profit.

Here's The Proof From Our Trading
Deposit $1000 Profit $1.283.27 in 6 Days

Real Account With Deposit $500
Details Statement Update February 15, 2011

Beaverhead Financial Inc.

Account: 8824 Name: Baihaki Hakim Currency: USD 2011 February 15, 09:09
Closed Transactions:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / PClose Time PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
6586573 2011.01.02 12:35 balance D-LR-734251: USD 500.00 500.00
6629076 2011.01.06 07:17 sell0.10gbpusd1.59651.59851.5945 2011.01.06 08:06 1.59850.000.000.00-20.00
6657570 2011.01.07 10:22 buy0.10gbpusd1.59130.00001.5934 2011.01.07 20:34 1.59340.000.000.0021.00
6738068 2011.01.12 11:07 buy0.10eurusd1.47000.00001.4720 2011.01.12 11:56 1.47200.000.000.0020.00
6817889 2011.01.15 09:58 buy0.10eurusd1.49430.00001.4963 2011.01.16 03:59 1.49630.000.000.0020.00
6844201 2011.01.16 09:17 buy0.10eurusd1.49300.00001.4955 2011.01.19 17:38 1.49550.000.000.0025.00
6912953 2011.01.21 10:17 buy0.10eurusd1.49610.00001.4981 2011.01.21 16:38 1.49810.000.000.0020.00
6938400 2011.01.22 10:14 buy0.10gbpusd1.66060.00001.6626 2011.01.22 22:19 1.66260.000.000.0020.00
6961502 2011.01.23 10:47 buy0.10eurusd1.50280.00001.5058 2011.01.23 13:00 1.50440.000.000.0016.00
6966313 2011.01.23 13:00 buy0.10gbpusd1.64390.00001.6545 2011.01.29 15:39 1.65450.000.000.00106.00
7011034 2011.01.27 15:54 buy0.10gbpusd1.63790.00001.6409 2011.01.28 15:53 1.64090.000.000.0030.00
7048909 2011.01.29 08:44 sell0.10eurusd1.47090.00001.4688 2011.01.02 00:43 1.46880.000.000.0021.00
7098791 2011.02.02 10:54 buy0.10eurusd1.47750.00001.4815 2011.02.02 17:04 1.48150.000.000.0040.00
7116800 2011.02.03 05:34 sell0.10gbpusd1.63820.00001.6340 2011.02.03 09:18 1.63400.000.000.0042.00
7128654 2011.02.03 14:17 buy0.10eurusd1.46550.00001.4725 2011.02.03 17:55 1.46850.000.000.0030.00
7168167 2011.02.05 08:48 sell0.10gbpusd1.64851.64851.6460 2011.02.05 09:05 1.64850.
7168733 2011.02.05 11:24 buy0.10eurusd1.48451.48151.4865 2011.02.05 14:32 1.48650.000.000.0020.00
7168847 2011.02.05 11:19 buy0.10gbpusd1.65401.65101.6560 2011.02.05 11:30 1.65600.000.000.0020.00
7177100 2011.02.05 15:32 buy0.40eurusd1.48770.00001.4897 2011.02.05 15:33 1.48730.000.000.00-16.00
7178770 2011.02.05 16:08 sell0.40gbpusd1.65650.00001.6545 2011.02.05 16:45 1.65450.000.000.0080.00
7182279 2011.02.05 18:59 sell stop0.40gbpusd1.64980.00000.0000 2011.02.05 19:00 1.6566cancelled
7182324 2011.02.05 19:02 sell0.40usdjpy90.4890.7690.28 2011.02.05 21:51 90.760.000.000.00-123.40
7211053 2011.02.09 09:49 buy0.10gbpusd1.67750.00001.6798 2011.02.09 10:05 1.67980.000.000.0023.00
7211694 2011.02.12 14:30 buy0.10usdjpy89.920.0090.32 2011.02.12 16:08 90.320.000.000.0044.29
7211734 2011.02.09 12:13 sell0.10usdjpy89.930.0089.62 2011.02.10 18:05 89.780.000.000.0016.71
7228341 2011.02.10 08:13 sell stop0.10eurusd1.49370.00001.4907 2011.02.10 18:09 1.4947cancelled
7228524 2011.02.10 08:17 buy0.10eurusd1.49850.00001.5025 2011.02.11 10:03 1.50250.000.000.0040.00
7241138 2011.02.10 18:09 buy0.10eurusd1.49510.00001.4971 2011.02.10 20:02 1.49600.
7241920 2011.02.10 21:05 buy0.10gbpusd1.67390.00001.6759 2011.02.11 09:48 1.67590.000.000.0020.00
7251688 2011.02.11 10:04 buy0.10audusd0.93170.00000.9337 2011.02.11 10:25 0.93370.000.000.0020.00
7252038 2011.02.12 03:39 sell0.10usdjpy89.690.0089.49 2011.02.12 15:33 89.490.000.000.0022.35
7270772 2011.02.12 09:50 sell0.10eurusd1.49750.00001.4945 2011.02.12 11:06 1.49450.000.000.0030.00
7275545 2011.02.12 11:54 buy0.10usdcad1.04800.00000.0000 2011.02.12 08:02 1.05440.000.000.0060.70
7297965 2011.02.12 11:07 buy0.10audusd0.92910.00000.9311 2011.02.12 17:55 0.93110.000.000.0020.00
7302964 2011.02.12 15:56 sell0.10usdcad1.04980.00001.0478 2011.02.12 19:09 1.04780.000.000.0019.09
  0.00 0.00 0.00 696.74
Closed P/L: 696.74
Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / P  PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
7297545 2011.02.15 09:09 buy0.10eurusd1.49150.00001.4965 1.49200.
  0.00 0.00 0.00 5.00
 Floating P/L: 5.00
Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / PMarket Price 
No transactions
Deposit/Withdrawal: 500.00 Credit Facility: 0.00  
Closed Trade P/L: 696.74 Floating P/L: 5.00 Margin: 29.83
Balance: 1 199.60 Equity: 1 204.60 Free Margin: 1 174.77
Real Account With Deposit $50
Beaverhead Financial Inc.

Account: 6234 Name: Baihaki Hakim Currency: USD 2010 November 3, 05:43
Closed Transactions:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / PClose Time PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
65865732010.10.02 12:35balance D-LR-288651: USD 50.00 50.00
66290762010.10.06 07:17sell0.10gbpusd1.59651.59851.59452010.10.06 08:061.59850.000.000.00-20.00
66575702010.10.07 10:22buy0.10gbpusd1.59130.00001.59342010.10.07 20:341.59340.000.000.0021.00
67380682010.10.12 11:07buy0.10eurusd1.47000.00001.47202010.10.12 11:561.47200.000.000.0020.00
68178892010.10.15 09:58buy0.10eurusd1.49430.00001.49632010.10.16 03:591.49630.000.000.0020.00
68442012010.10.16 09:17buy0.10eurusd1.49300.00001.49552010.10.19 17:381.49550.000.000.0025.00
69129532010.10.21 10:17buy0.10eurusd1.49610.00001.49812010.10.21 16:381.49810.000.000.0020.00
69384002010.10.22 10:14buy0.10gbpusd1.66060.00001.66262010.10.22 22:191.66260.000.000.0020.00
69615022010.10.23 10:47buy0.10eurusd1.50280.00001.50582010.10.23 13:001.50440.000.000.0016.00
69663132010.10.23 13:00buy0.10gbpusd1.64390.00001.65452010.10.29 15:391.65450.000.000.00106.00
70110342010.10.27 15:54buy0.10gbpusd1.63790.00001.64092010.10.28 15:531.64090.000.000.0030.00
70489092010.10.29 08:44sell0.10eurusd1.47090.00001.46882010.11.02 00:431.46880.000.000.0021.00
70987912010.11.02 10:54buy0.10eurusd1.47750.00001.48152010.11.02 17:041.48150.000.000.0040.00
  0.00 0.00 0.00 319.00
Closed P/L: 319.00
Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / P  PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
71168002010.11.03 05:34sell0.10gbpusd1.63820.00001.6358 1.63720.000.000.0010.00
  0.00 0.00 0.00 10.00
 Floating P/L: 10.00
Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItem PriceS / LT / PMarket Price 
No transactions
Deposit/Withdrawal: 50.00 Credit Facility: 0.00  
Closed Trade P/L: 319.00 Floating P/L: 10.00 Margin: 32.76
Balance: 821.86 Equity: 831.86 Free Margin: 799.10
No Big Invesment Required,
It Works with any Account Size

You don't need a small fortune to start trading with Forex Smart Pips™ Trading System !
Forex Smart Pips Trading system can trade any account size, from $100 to $30,000 and up.
Look at my second trading statement ! I'm start trading with small capital is $50 (Fifty Dollar). I know times are tough and budgets are tight. That's why we've designed our system to perform properly on any account size!

"You Can Make Profit Like Me !"
You Only Need One Simple System
That has been Well Tested

If It Makes So Much Money Why Are You Selling it ?
 I've been reaping the benefits of using this system for several years now. Then the unthinkable happened…

The Financial Crisis Hit, and It Hit Hard

Thankfully our system was advanced enough to adapt to the changing market conditions and maintain profitability through these hard times.
Unfortunately, our friends who had invested in stocks and other markets were doing horrible. They no longer thought it was safe to invest in anything and started pulling their money out as quickly as they could to stop their mounting losses.
Feeling bad that we were still doing so well with our ForexSmartPips™, we started telling some of our close friends about our home brewed system and how well it was doing. They were skeptical at first.
That was until we showed them our actual results! To prove we weren't just talking we set them up with our system on their very own trading accounts. Most of them had absolutely no experience with the Forex market or trading software.
Remember, ForexSmartPips Trading System ™ is very easy to use no matter what experience level you have.

So, How Much Do You Invest To Have Forex Smart Pips ?

Ok, let's talk more seriously again.

You need to know, I've made the strategy of day by day, so much time, energy, thought and money that I have to spend to make this system. Physical and psychological exhaustion during a trial so that the system is actually produce consistent profit. And, of course, so many businesses that I have to do to realize the system and the best strategy for me.

You know how the price of all that until I successfully get the best system ?

Not Priceless !!!

 And now, this powerful system is being offered to you by me. This system is the whole essence of our struggle to win the forex trading in the market.

A system that can multiply your money, far more than the value regardless of your investment. For that, I really limit the number of sales this system and will not sell the fixed price. I will raise the price of this little by little each time period.

You Just Need To Invest $299 $127

$97 Limited If You Buy
Now You're Left With Two Choices Whatever You Do,

I'd Decide Quickly. . .

You can either let this life-changing system pass you by... or you can invest in your success and start swelling your bank account.
I don't want to pressure you at all, but I'd hate to see you miss out and lose opportunity. The thing is, if you come back even one minute too late, it could be gone from your grasp and I'll have to tell you I'm sorry but it's no longer available.
Take Advantage Before It's Too Late...!

Download Forex Smart Pips And
Earn $$$ Starting TODAY!
Yes! I want to have a lifestyle change by earning consistently profit from forex market.
Yes! I want copy of the Forex Smart Pips 

NOW Availabe For A Limited Time
Only Price Of $299 $127 $97

If You ORDER Before " Friday, 25 March 2011 "
SO, What are you waiting for . . . Let's Order Now


"Do Not Think Complicated, Due to Build

Unlimited Wealth, You Only Need One

Simple System That Has Been Well Tested

and Continue Repeat !"
Your Success In Forex

Founder And Creator

Questions ? Comment ? or Testimonial Please Visit Support Help Desk
P.S : Forex Smart Pips Is Not Robot Trading Or Expert Advisor, Forex Smart Pips is an indicator that will analyze various indications market and able to analyze the movement of the price automatically technical side throughout the day and This System can applied for all currency pairs.
P.S.S : Remember, I'm taking your risk for a full 30 days time. If you have tried and applied my trading system with all my rules and still not making profit, I'll gladly give your money back 100%!
P.S.S.S : This price may not remain the same before Friday, 25 March 2011
Take massive ACTION NOW! and avoid regret later !

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